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Travel along with Gordon Eastman as he ventures in to the untamed wilderness of the Yukon, Northwest Territory, Rocky Mountains and more! Hunting the majestic Doll Sheep, Bowhead Whale and Polar Bear with the Eskimos and drifting down a river in a moose skin canoe while hunting, fishing and trapping beaver with the Mountain Indians are just a few of Gordon's amazing adventures. Gordon took his life into his own hands, barely escaping death in an airplane crash on an Arctic ice pack, to bring you some of the most amazing footage never to be duplicated. 


DVD's included are:

  • High Wild and Free
  • Challenging the Northwest Territory
  • North of the Sun
  • Gordon Eastman's Outdoor Journal
  • Savage Wild
  • High Country Calling
  • The Phantom Ram
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5 Stars
Gordon Eastman

Great historical videos and commentary. Wonderful scenery and animal photography!!