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Hi-Pitch Gray replacement bands for the Power Bugle, Royal Bugle & Power Howler calls. Four gray bands in a brown UV protection bag.

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Width: 3.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.13

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5 Stars
Grey bands

About the best allaround sound can pull off the best cow sounds, and still belt out that screaming bugle. On the mtn or in competition it is my go to.

5 Stars
Gray power bands

I have been using the Power Bugle since 1996. Used in combination with the gray bands I believe is the best sounding call on the market. Great System and easy to use!

5 Stars

I've had great success with this bugle and the gray bands

5 Stars
howler bands

I hav had the howler and female howler for over 10 years these are some of the best sounding and easy to use howlers the bands are inexpensive and easy to install on the product the sound and quality is 2nd to none

5 Stars

Best sounds ever simple to use, won't use anything else. New Mexico bulls love this call

5 Stars
gray bugle replacement bands

These bands are replacement bands for the elk bugle that I use every year. Excellent product.

5 Stars
Gray bands

Only place I could find them and came quick. Thank you!

4 Stars
power bands

cheap and worked well

5 Stars
Gray Power Bands

Very easy to make smooth and consistent contact bugles.

5 Stars

Great product!

5 Stars
Power howler

The Power Howler I feel is the best howler on the market, at least that I’ve found. I like the sound of the gray bands the best, with the whites being a close second. The whites tend to last longer though. I generally start all stands with the power howler, and many times shoot coyotes before i get to the electronics. Great product.